4:70 - Building and Grounds Management

Policy 4:70

Business and Non-Instructional Operations

Building and Grounds Management

Energy and Resource Conservation

National and individual state priorities have been directed toward energy conservation efforts in order to conserve scarce resources.

In order to assist National and State efforts in this regard, as well as to maximize School District resources devoted to instruction, it shall be the goal of the District to conserve energy and resources whenever possible without adversely affecting instructional programs.

Responsibility for the creation of energy and resource conservation programs, which includes periodic reports to the Board of Education, shall rest with the Superintendent of Schools.

It shall be the responsibility of the Building Principal to implement specific recommendations for energy and resource conservation. It shall also be the responsibility of each School District staff member and other users to actively participate in implementing the operating procedures to reduce energy and resource consumption. Active student participation in reducing consumption shall also be encouraged.

The Superintendent or designee shall manage a program of energy and resource conservation for the District that includes:

  1. Periodic review of procurement procedures and specifications to ensure that purchased products and supplies are reusable, durable, or made from recycled materials, if economically and practically feasible.
  2. Purchasing recycled paper and paper products in amounts that will, at a minimum, meet the specifications in The School Code, if economically and practically feasible.
  3. Periodic review of procedures on the reduction of solid waste generated by academic, administrative, and other institutional functions. These procedures shall require recycling the District’s waste stream, including landscape waste, computer repair, and white office paper, if economically and practically feasible.

Adopted: September 8, 1997
Revised: March 19, 2012

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