6:290 - Homework

Policy 6:290



The Board of Education directs the Superintendent and his/her designees to develop guidelines for homework which are consistent with the approved philosophy and objectives of education of School District 39.

Homework is defined as academically related work assignments given to students by classroom teachers that will require time outside of the regular classroom to be completed. Regardless of the form it takes, homework is an important part of the instructional program which requires good understanding between home and school.


Homework is an integral part of the learning process in schools of District 39. It should have relevance to the curriculum and should be a process which facilitates learning. Homework reinforces classroom learning and gives teachers another perspective about their students. Considering this, it seems apparent that student effort outside the classroom is necessary for satisfactory advancement.

Parent interest in the youngster’s school work also provides encouragement and positive reinforcement to the child. With high expectations and appropriate assignments, students can be more successful.


Homework assignments should be appropriate for all students at all grade levels. The stress should be on quality rather than quantity. Homework should be given on a regular basis, but never as work for works’ sake. It should be reasonable in length and intelligently planned in order to serve a real learning purpose.

Home study should be individualized whenever possible. This allows for additional practice in skill areas where needed and enables students to pursue study in areas of personal interest. Assignments should be given as a continuation and reinforcement of classroom work. The right combination of class work and home study can develop broader knowledge, good work habits and a sense of responsibility which will benefit students throughout their entire lives.

Adopted: November 10, 1997

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