Grade 3 Virtual Museum Project

Central Elementary School, Wilmette, IL


Al Capone

1899: Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York on Jan. 17th.

1907: The Capones moved to Italy.

1910: Capone joined a kid's gang at age 11.

1913: He quit school at age 14 in sixth grade.

1920: He moved from New York to Chicago.

1924: He killed many people on a day that was called the Slaughter of St. Valentine's Day massacre.

1924: Capone owned a flower shop as a cover up for his gangster activities.

This is a picture of Al Capone. I saw his picture in a book.

1928: He made his headquarters in the Lexington Hotel, Chicago.

1933: He died.

1944: His tomb was moved.

Research and drawings by: Brian S. Al Capone. Chicago Historical Society Home Page/ 1998. Al Capone: Legendary Crime Lord.

Kobler, John. The Life and World of Al Capone. 1971.

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